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Hello, Beautiful Readers! I am Rupali Raut founder of the Herbal Lover. I am Engineer by profession but a blogger by passion. I have a small online jewelry business – AJ Jewelry. Like every woman, I also care about my skin and look and started to find the best chemical-free products on the market but no detailed and accurate information is available on the internet. So I started this blog to give the best information and solved the confusion about “which one will be best for me.” The motive of this blog is to spread awareness of genuine herbal beauty products available in the Indian market.
Every woman wants to look beautiful, tidy, photogenic for this we use lots of products to enhance our beauty, on daily basis. But can we give attention to what we use, what we applied to our skin, does it damages our skin, No one is giving attention to the information written on the backside of the pack as what ingredient is used and what is the side effect it will cause. It is important to read the information carefully before buying any product. Using the chemical product on daily basis will harm our body, and it causes side effects by using in long run. Nature gives everything to us and has all medicine to heal our bodies. Natural is always best and it has no side effects. If we have so many herbal product options available in the market without paying the extra cost for buying that product which harms our skin, then why do we not choose to use herbal? To know more… keep reading this blog- Herbal Lover!


Rupali Raut

Founder of herballover blog